Charlotte Knights at the new BB&T Ballpark

Charlotte Knights
Last night I got to watch the Charlotte Knights in their new BB&T Ballpark, in Uptown Charlotte. Their home opener was just last week, so it was neat to watch a game, while the ballpark is still really new! They played the Gwinnett Braves and even though they lost, I had a great time!

I ended up getting seats in the outfield, in the home run section, because a lot of the seats around the infield were already sold. However, it was still easy to see all of the action from the home run section.

For me, part of the fun of going to a Charlotte Knights game, or baseball game in general, is the food and drinks. I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of both food and drinks at BB&T Ballpark.


There was a pretty good selection of food. I ended up eating a Dominos personal pizza and some in-the-shell peanuts. However, I also saw Chik-fil-a sandwiches, barbecue, cotton candy, funnel cakes, candy, hot dogs, and burgers. I’m sure there was even more than that to choose from, but those were just a few of the foods that I remember seeing.


I was impressed by the selection of beer. They had all the normal domestic beers you’d expect, but also had large selection of local and craft beers. So, if you’re a beer lover, you’ll have plenty to try!

Charlotte Knights
Charlotte Knights

Bottom line, you should definitely go to one or many of the Charlotte Knights games, if you can get tickets. Its a lot of fun and the ambience is really cool.

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