Watch The World Cup in The Queen City

By David Boling

Sports fans have quite a bit to be excited about in Charlotte, and there is a little of everything for everyone. We have the Carolina Panthers, The Charlotte Bobca… Um… HORNETS (!!!), the Charlotte Hounds, the Charlotte Eagles, the Charlotte Checkers, and, of course, Uptown’s newest sensation the Charlotte Knights. But that isn’t the extent of what the city offers. On any given day you can find an assortment of every sport known to man. That’s what is so great about the Queen City, the variety.

While I would love to go into length about each team, and one day soon I am going to do just that, right now there is a larger event that needs to be addressed. This event has no particular association with Charlotte, but rather the most of the free world.

Soccer, or as the rest of the world calls it, Football, is starting to take the United States by storm, and Charlotte, the international city that it is, is right there with the nation, so the next thing you wanna lear all of a sudden is the Man City’s stadium history or the like. Now, I’ve always known the area to have a strong Soccer following. Many of my friends were and still are active in local leagues. All of my nephews have grown up playing for neighborhood clubs and/or their schools. LiveUptownNow’s own Scott Hartis has played the sport from Childhood to Adulthood.

But why, at this moment, is Soccer such a hot topic? The World Cup hosted this year in Brazil, of course.


From Portugal’s Cristino Ronaldo’s Instagram account.

Every four years since 1930, the world’s best soccer teams compete for the sport’s highest accolade. The United States even hosted the spectacle in 1994, where Brazil became the first club to win four world cups. And guess who is the favorite to take home the trophy this year. Brazil according to statistician Nate Silver. Remember, Silver, has an uncanny reputation of correctly predicting government elections, so let’s see if he is as impressive on a global level. He also gives the US Team a 39% chance of advancing out of their group, which is more than most people in the world gives them.


The US Mens Soccer Team

So where can you take part of the World Cup in Charlotte? Here is a list of the best places to watch the events. Don’t worry if you haven’t wrapped your mind around the offsides rules, most people haven’t, you will definitely enjoy the match!  If you know of any more please let us know! For a full schedule of World Cup matches please visit the FIFA Official website. Games start on Thursday, July 12th.

Big Ben British Restaurant And Pub

Courtyard Hooligans Soccer Bar And Pub

Jackalope Jack’s Restaurant And Bar

Rí Rá Irish Pub

Connolly’s on Fifth

Tyber Creek Pub


For a more details on these venues and their World Cup events please visit their website by clicking on their name.

And here is an added level of engagement for the die hard fans. Download the Official FIFA app to stay up to date on every bit of World Cup news.

Once the World Cup is over you have another chance to experience the world’s most popular sport, right here in our own backyard. On August 2nd, Liverpool FC and AC Milan will face each up at Bank of America Stadium at 6pm during the Guinness International Championship Cup. Charlotte has never seen a soccer match of this magnitude, and it is my best guess that this is only the beginning.


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