Food Trucks in Charlotte

Have you seen the new trend in Charlotte with having food truck vendors serving up more than just hot dogs to the weary bar-goers at 2 a.m. on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night? I think its a really neat trend that you can now find a better selection if you are trying to grab a bite to eat on the run and want a little more selection than hot dogs or bratwurst! Some food trucks even allow you to follow them on Twitter so that you’ll know what they are serving and where to find them.

Here is a neat video on Red’s BBQ by VendrTV. Oh, and if you are on Twitter and are curious about some of the local mobile food vendors, check out their Twitter “handles” below the video.

Food Truck Twitter Profiles
Holy Matrimony World Famous Wings and Pizza
Jim’s South Philly Steaks
Napolitanos Food Truck
Roaming Fork
Harvest Moon Grill Cart
Sticks and Cones Ice Cream
Southern Cake Queen

What do you think? Have you “chowed down” at one of Charlotte’s roving food proprietors? Did we miss one of your favorites? Comment below to let us know!
Update to original post ~ December 4, 2013
The Food Truck scene in Charlotte has picked up a lot of steam over the past couple of years, since my original post above. Take a look at a video we put together about SouthEnd/Dilworth’s Food Truck Friday Event.


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