Part 2 of Hidden Restaurant Gems in Uptown Charlotte


Prices Chicken Coop in Uptown Charlotte

This is the second in a series of posts about restaurants that non-native Charlotteans might not know. You can find the first post on Laurel Market here.

If you ask nearly any native of Charlotte where to find the best fried chicken in Charlotte, the answer is always “Prices Chicken Coop!” While this restaurant doesn’t have an area to sit and dine, it doesn’t stop them from being consistently busy with take-out orders. You’ll notice from the picture above, that “Prices” had quite a few patrons waiting for food the day that I took this picture. The funny thing is that this is pretty typical. In fact, many times, you will see a line coming out of the door with people waiting to get their hands on Prices’ signature Chicken!

Prices Chicken Coop is located just outside of Uptown Charlotte at 1614 Camden Rd.

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