Ridiculously Good French Pastries in NoDa & Uptown Charlotte

If you haven’t been to Amelie’s in NoDa or Uptown Charlotte, you have got to visit soon! Amelie’s (pronounced “Ah-ma-lees”) is a French bakery and coffee shop in NoDa, just outside of Uptown Charlotte. The picture to the left is of a caramel salted brownie, just before I consumed it!

Amelie’s first location was in NoDa and with the success of that location, they decided recently to open a second location in Uptown Charlotte. They offer a pretty wide array of pastries and also have a decent sandwich menu as well. I recently listed a condo in NoDa and while I was in the area, I took the opportunity to stop in Amelie’s and get a sandwich. I don’t remember the name of the sandwich, but it was turkey with bacon, and some sort of French mayonnaise, all on a melt in your mouth croissant. The sandwich was phenomenal and I would definitely suggest ordering it if you want something besides the sweet pastries.

This picture is one of a few display cases for the various pastries that Amelie’s makes and sells. You can click on the pictures for a larger view, but be warned, your mouth is going to start watering!

Lastly, here is a picture of the exterior/entrance of Amelie’s French Bakery and Café. Its actually very deceiving because the space is a lot larger than it looks from the exterior. Once inside, there are lots of tables and couches to enjoy your latté and croissant!

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