Who has the best sushi in Uptown Charlotte?

Sushi in Uptown CharlotteI think my favorite is still Nikko in Southend, but last night I had a spicy tuna roll and California roll at Cosmos Cafe. Cosmos’ spicy tuna roll definitely rivaled Nikko’s spicy tuna roll. Both restaurants are great places to go on a weekend evening if you are searching for a lively crowd.

Another notable for quick take-out sushi is K.O. Sushi, located in the 230 South Tryon condo building. If you are in a rush, this is a good choice, but the quality is definitely better at Nikko and Cosmos. One thing that does separate K.O. Sushi is the fact that they deliver to residences uptown.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Do you have any other hidden gems to share to enjoy sushi in uptown Charlotte?

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