1009 Greentree Drive – Under Contract

1009 Greentree Dr-Under Contract
When we are marketing a home for a seller, I have two words that I love sharing with my seller clients – “multiple offers.” Well with 1009 Greentree, I was able to say those two special words to the sellers!

Why are multiple offers so exciting? It means that you have two or more buyers that are interested in the home. I had a feeling this would be a popular home from the start. When we started marketing the home, it had a flurry of showings with interested buyers. I actually showed it to a couple buyers, for their buyer agents, because the buyer agents weren’t able to fit it in their schedule and thought their client’s might miss out on the home.

There were a couple of reasons this home had such demand. One of the reasons were market conditions. There is a shortage of available homes for buyers to choose from, in most price ranges, throughout Charlotte. With this particular home, there were even less to choose from in the area from $850,000 to $1 million. So, when it hit the market, the buyers that came to see it had already seen everything on the market up to that point and were ready to see something new.

The other piece that we attribute to the multiple offers and interest, is the marketing. If you’re curious about some of the ways we market our listings, take a look at this blog post on another property we sold recently.

Have you been considering selling your home or condo in Charlotte? Now is the time to do it, since there is a shortage of property for buyers to choose from. That means in most areas, you’ll be able to command a higher price! Get the ball rolling by clicking this link to find the value of your home or condo in Charlotte.

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