Catch on Seafood Market

Catch on Seafood Market

A week or so ago, I was headed to an appointment and rode past Catch on Seafood Market. I was surprised, because the last time I had seen it, it was adjacent to Peculiar Rabbit in Midwood. In its new location, its on Hawthorne, near Central Ave. at 826 Hawthorne Lane.

What I love about this market is that they sell fresh caught seafood, not “farm raised” seafood. With the dangers I’ve read about with farm raised seafood, it is always nice to find a place that exclusively sells non-farm raised seafood. On a recent trip to Whole Foods in South Park, I asked the gentlemen working the seafood counter about which options were farm raised and which were wild caught. It was a mix of 50/50 farm raised and wild caught.

So, today I had a little time to stop in and talk to Steve Schussler as he was filleting fish. Steve was great about telling me which fish they had in, the pricing, and also gave me a little education on what the various fish ate on a daily basis. The prices were extremely reasonable. I left with two pieces of red snapper that I used a orange citrus rub on, and they turned out delicious.

If you’re looking for healthy, fresh caught fish, definitely stop by Catch on Seafood Market in Midwood. Oh, and Steve also mentioned that they have an active email list, that he emails with updates on the fish shipments. Make sure you get on the list, so you can find out about that, and “Taco Tuesday!”

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