#supportlocal – Boris and Natasha

If you’re new to this site, you may not know that I grew up in Plaza Midwood, just outside of Uptown Charlotte. I rode my bike down the sidewalks of the busier streets, and on the road, in the less busy areas. I often walked to the Dairy Queen for an afternoon or evening snack. I’d also walk to the library and the Harris Teeter.

Over the years, Plaza Midwood has gone through an incredible transformation. Some of the scarier streets when I was growing up there, are some of my favorites now. A lot of the bungalows have been remodeled and/or had additions completed. Through all of the transformation, one thing that has remained a constant is the support for small businesses in Plaza Midwood. I think it is unlike any other in Charlotte. It’s extremely hard to find any sort of national chain restaurant or store in the neighborhood.

This is why I am so glad that our next #supportlocal video is about Hope Nicholls and her boutique, Boris and Natasha. It is located in Plaza Midwood on Thomas Ave, in the same block as The Penguin, Common Market, and Thomas Street Tavern. I could tell you more about the boutique here, but I think you’ll get an even better idea directly from the video below.

We’d love for you to support local and visit Boris + Natasha in person. If you’d like to keep up with them on social media, you can find them on both Facebook and Instagram. For more on our #supportlocal series, we’ve set up a youtube playlist here


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