Charlotte’s Local Breweries

By David Boling

Twenty years ago Bud Light ruled Charlotte’s beer scene. If you could call a scattering of nightclubs and neighborhood bars a beer scene. However, today Bud has given up it’s crown to a league of local brewmasters. Not only are they a part of a large cultural drive that is pushing Charlotte into a new era, a vibrant city for the twenty first century, but they are gaining national attention rapidly. Read about the recent national success of North Carolina breweries in this Charlotte Observer article.

Here is a list of  my favorite Charlotte breweries. You may not be able to get to them all in one day, but it’s sure worth a college try.

Don’t forget to use your Uber app! You are probably going to need it. Even better, why not walk. Pick your favorite brewery then call or text Scott to find your next home in that neighborhood!

I’ve also added a link to LiveUptownNow’s Breweries Foursquare list for easy access on the go. Find it at the end.

The following list is in alphabetical order. I just can’t pick a favorite!

  •  Birdsong Brewing Co.

Birdsong Brewery

Located in NoDa at 2315 N. Davidson St, Birdsong Brewery opened their doors in 2011. Their rapid success is a testament to what four friends with a common passion can do. Their website says that they are inspired by the craft styles from the West Coast. I don’t believe the West Coast ever tasted as good.

My best recommendation is be a little daring while here and give the Jalapeño Ale a go. It’s a bit spicy, but refreshing all the same. You will not regret it!

They also offer Brewery Tours every Wednesday.

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  •  Heist Brewery

Heist Brewery

NoDa is also home to another great brewery, Heist, at 2909 N. Davidson St, Suite 200. More than just a tap room, Heist offers what they call “Twisted American Cuisine” and they are open for lunch and dinner.

Opening in 2012 by founder Kurt Hogan, Heist comes in as one of the youngest breweries on this list. Almost.

I recommend stopping in for dinner and give the Lobster Mac a try. Pair it with Heist’s own The Duke of Ted.


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  •  NoDa Brewing Company

NoDa Brew

NoDa Brewing Company has hit it big with their recent national success (read the Charlotte Observer article linked above), and it only took a year and a half after opening in October of 2012. No food here, but you don’t come here for food. Find them at 2229 N. Davidson St.

Also, check out their website (link below) for a list of their upcoming events and tours.

My recommendation here is simple. Go straight for their award winning Hop, Drop’n Roll IPA. Unless it’s Christmas time. Then go for the Santa Baby.

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  • The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery



Finally out of NoDa, and we’re on to the veterans of the Charlotte brewery scene. The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery opened in 2007, and has been stead strong ever since. They also offer food, tours and events, but it’s their craft brew that brings in the locals.

Find them at 215 Southside Dr.

I recommend giving the Captain Jack Pilsner your undivided attention, and maybe some Currywurst.


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  • Triple C Brewing Co.


Just in South End and not far from the Light Rail you will find Triple C Brewing Co., 2900 Griffith St. Triple C also opened in 2011. Looks like that was a great year for brew in Charlotte.

Owners Chris Harker and Scott Kimball bring real life experience to their crafts from all over the world.

I recommend the Golden Boy Blonde to knock off the heat of the Summer.


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  • The Unknown Brewing Co.

Unknown BrewSouth End now has two breweries to call it’s own. This one however doesn’t need a name so they just go by The Unknown Brewing Co. A little off the beaten path, but well worth the adventure you can find them at 1327 S. Mint St. Don’t let their short tenure fool you. Since opening in 2013 they have proven themselves worthy of Charlotte’s incredible craft beer scene!

You definitely have to give their Pre Game Session Ale a try. I do recommend it!


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Now here is that Foursquare list mentioned above:  Awesome Charlotte Breweries 


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