Staging Your Home For Sale in Charlotte, NC

Every week, in addition to the homes I see with buyer clients, I also tour new homes that have hit the market recently. As a result, I get to see some that are staged really well, and also some that don’t look like the sellers are that motivated to sell. Take a look at the picture above and you’ll see a great example of a home I toured this week that is staged superbly. It starts with the curb appeal, and this front porch is staged to be very inviting.

The staging carries over into the interior. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of wallpaper, but in this foyer, it works really well! I also really like the “barn doors” that are used in the bonus room above the garage. They actually used these in lieu of blinds or curtains to block out light and provide privacy.

Granted, this home in Town and Country (near SouthPark Mall) is priced higher than many homes in Charlotte, but it is a great example of how to stage your home well and still be inviting to prospective buyers.

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