How’s the real estate market in Charlotte?

This is probably one of the most common questions I’m asked. Most people that ask, already realize that the real estate market is very localized. So, you can’t really depend on listening to the national news or reading a syndicated column online or in the newspaper to determine how Charlotte home values are holding up. So how can you tell how our market is doing (other than asking me)? You can get an instant value on your home or condo (or any home/condo in the area) by visiting this site.

Click here to go directly to the “eValuator” site. The site will ask you a few questions about your property and it will give you a results page with comparable properties that have recently sold and it will also give you a range of estimated value of your property. What is also cool about this site is that you can get a estimated level of confidence on how the site thinks your property compares to the comparable properties it uses to estimate a value. I think this is a useful tool to use if you’re just curious about an estimated value or recent comparable sales.

However, if you want the most accurate estimate of what your home or condo could sell for in the Charlotte real estate market, click here, and fill out the request. I’ll get back to you ASAP with a value.

eValuator Screen Shot

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