Decorating or remodeling on a budget?

Young House Love Book Cover
Let’s say you are decorating your first home or condo and don’t know where to start. One place you could start is As I’ve mentioned in the past, this site is a great way to get inspired for a new redecorating or remodeling project. Most of the photos you’ll see on Houzz are professionally designed and professionally photographed. So most everything is amazing and not always within reach of someone looking to decorate their first home.

So, where do you go, if you are looking to decorate your first home, need some inspiration, and are on a tight budget? One of my favorite places, is the website “Young House Love.” I learned about this website from my client and friend, Blogger and Author, Caitlin Boyle. While I was helping Caitlin and her husband on their search for a new home in Charlotte, she mentioned the “Young House Love” website and I hadn’t heard of it. So, I checked it out and was definitely impressed. The website is about a young family and their adventures of remodeling and designing their home, dealing with services like Cut My Plastic to make some impressive details for home, and many others.

What I love about the site is that most of their design is within reach of a first time home/condo buyer. Yes, some of their projects are more adventurous than someone just starting out would want to conquer, but the Young House Love family are on their second home and have a lot of experience now. With the projects they take on, they take detailed photos along the way and usually post those photos with before and after shots. They also do a good job of describing exactly what they did, and if there were any hiccups that they encountered.

Because I love the Young House Love website so much, I was excited when I was in my favorite Dilworth gift shop/Paper Skyscraper and saw a book written by the Young House Love family.

The book is subtitled “243 WAYS TO PAINT, CRAFT, UPDATE, & SHOW YOUR HOME SOME LOVE” and is full of useful ideas for designing and decorating your home. They separated it into chapters for living space, Kitchen/Dining, Bedroom, Bathroom, organizing, art, accessorizing, entertaining, painting, and exteriors. Just like their blog, the Young House Love family give step-by-step directions on how to create the various projects.

So, if you’re looking for design on a larger budget, get ideas from But, if you’re looking for design ideas on a tighter budget, you definitely need to explore both the Young House Love website and book.