Harvest Moon Grill in Uptown Charlotte

If you saw my post on Thursday about traveling food vendors in Charlotte, you were probably introduced to VendrTV for the first time. This cool web produced video show is all about mobile food vendors. In the post on Thursday, I mentioned Harvest Moon Grill. Well, here is another VendrTV piece specifically about Harvest Moon Grill. For those unfamiliar with Harvest Moon Grill, all of their food is locally grown and produced. They use the best natural gas grills. This in turn produces some of the freshest and most flavorful food. Take a look at the video below. Oh, and if you want to follow them on Twitter, you can find Harvest Moon Grill by clicking this link.

Food Trucks in Charlotte

Have you seen the new trend in Charlotte with having food trucks vendors serving up more than just hot dogs to the weary bar-goers at 2 a.m. on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night? I think its a really neat trend that you can now find a better selection if you are trying to grab a bite to eat on the run and want a little more selection...

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