HSM Core Megaformer

HSM Core Sign

Near the end of January of this year, my girlfriend asked me to try a new workout with her. She had been going for a few weeks and told me how difficult this workout was, and she wanted to see what I thought of it. For those that know me, you know I am really not a gym person. I play soccer multiple times a week to stay in shape, and have done that for most of my adult life. And while I love that, I’m just not someone that loves to go to the gym, to workout.
Funny enough, when Ginny and I first started dating, we visited and I joined her gym at Pride Conditioning, in Plaza Midwood. This gym was great for having me lose some extra “el bees” (lbs.), and was unlike any gym I’d been to in the past. It was way better than a regular weightlifting gym, because the workouts kept me moving, and I didn’t get bored. It also pushed me past some self imposed limits and had me get in better cardiovascular shape, for soccer.
Fast forward a few months, to Ginny asking me to join her at the new “difficult workout” at a different gym. I agreed, and walked in to HSM Core, not really knowing what we’d be doing. When I walked in, I was greeted by an extremely friendly trainer, and saw this machine.
HSM Core Megaformer Machine
While I was a little intimidated by the machine, since I’d never seen one before, I thought to myself ‘how hard can this really be?’ I should have known that since Ginny thought it was hard and she is in phenomenal shape and really strong, that I was in for a long first class!
That class, and every class that HSM Core Coaches teach/train, is 40 minutes long. There is a big digital clock on the wall that starts at 40 minutes, and counts down, until class is over. This clock, had me talking to myself, throughout that first workout. It went something like this:

40:00 – ‘I got this! If Ginny can do this, the I am going to make it through!’
39:00 – ‘What the heck is this exercise and why do my muscles feel like they are cramping?’
38:30 – ‘Wait, we have 40 minutes of this? I think I might die!’
38:00 – ‘If I walk out, I wonder if anyone will notice…’
37:00 – ‘How the heck is Ginny holding a plank for so long?’
35:00 – ‘Are there really 35 more minutes left?’

…and that was basically how it went for 40 minutes, as I tried to learn the moves/positions that the HSM Core coach was teaching the class.
The easiest way I know how to describe the actual exercise is by having you look at the photo above. Those red and yellow things that you see in the middle of the machine, are adjustable springs. By adding or subtracting springs, you can make the workout harder or easier. The coaches tell you throughout the workout, how many and what color springs you should have in place.
The black platform you see just above those springs, moves back and forth on a smooth roller system, that is also attached to some pulleys and cables. In the various exercises, you either are holding that platform in a stationary spot, or using the pulleys/cables, to move the platform with some portion of your body on the platform.

HSM Core Head Coach, Arthur Pulley – demonstrating one of the many exercises on the Megaformer machine

So, after 40 minutes passed, I definitely felt like I’d accomplished something because the workout was really hard and I made it through the whole thing. Plus, when you finish, the HSM Core Coaches come around and give you high fives or “fist bumps” to tell you ‘great job!’ So, how could you not feel good about finishing?
Since that first class, I’ve been back a lot more, and have seen my body transform. While I’ve always been in pretty good shape from soccer, I’ve gotten a lot stronger and leaner, all while doing a workout that is very low impact on my joints.
If you’re looking for a workout that will both challenge you and reward you, you should definitely try HSM Core. Right now, they have one studio, on Kings Drive (close to Metropolitan).