#supportlocal – John Tosco, Tosco Music Party & Tosco Music Studio

When my friend and assistant David, first told me about Tosco Music Party, I really didn’t understand what it was, based on his description. I would say that I still didn’t fully understand what it was until a few minutes into the event he invited me to this past September. So, I’m going to do my best to describe it for you. Tosco Music Party is a gathering of musicians from various genres that all come together for one evening, to perform for residents of Charlotte that show up for the “party.” When I say various genres, it ranges from blue grass, country, rock, acoustic guitar, piano, and more. John Tosco, the brains behind the party, originally started the “party” in the living room of his house. Eventually it outgrew his house into larger venues, and you can now join the party at Knight Theater four times a year. Now the Tosco Music Party includes the artists that John discovers and also some audience sing-alongs.

This video is John talking about Tosco Music Party, his studio, and also his love for Charlotte. The video is the second in our video series, to support local small businesses. We’d love for you to help us support the arts in Charlotte and also support local, by learning more about John Tosco and Tosco Music Party.

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