1540 S. Church St., H – South End Condo

1540 S Church, #H Exterior

Just South of Uptown Charlotte, you’ll find one of the most vibrant and planned communities. South End is bordered by Dilworth and Wilmore and has seen a tremendous amount of growth in both residential and commercial development over the past 5 years. This condo in South End has a ton of living space, a private garage, and modern finishes. Take a look at the photos below to explore the space.

As you can see from the map below, 1540 S. Church Street is in a great location. What you can’t see is the density of great activities, boutiques, Farmer’s Market, restaurants, bars, and even a couple big box stores (Lowe’s Home Improvement & Publix Grocery store, currently under construction). There are also two breweries in South End (Triple C Brewery, and The Unknown Brewery), with another being built just a couple blocks away from this condo. With an unbeatable location and lots of living space, we expect this condo to sell quickly!


For even more details and up-to-date pricing, visit this link.

Condo Video


South End Neighborhood Video

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